Well my friends, the song vote for the new ‘Hamburg Album’ is finished, and we have been left with a track list for my new record! 

My very big thanks to all 126 of you who voted, and shared your opinions with me. It really means a lot to me that you took some time out of your schedule to listen to these 19 songs, and choose your favourites. 

I have heard again and again that it was hard to choose the best demos— and this is of course a great compliment. I have also heard that it’s a shame that the ‘unchosen’ demos will be lost.
Be assured, that after all this album-writing process I still have all these songs in my head; some of them will come out on stage over time and so will be kept alive, and be heard. 

So tonight I’m announcing the total votes for each of the demos I’ve written for the ‘Hamburg Album’, and I’ve also re-uploaded the demo samples to my website so you can hear them again— now, as a complete album package. 

And yes... in this time of fake news, vote rigging and the like… well, it’s impossible for anyone to know what’s real. (It’s an interesting time to do a vote, actually..!) In the end, all we have to go on is trust. 

In the case of this song vote, I can tell you that I have counted up the votes carefully on a nice big shiny spreadsheet, and strictly obeyed the popular vote. You can be sure that it was in my best interest to have an accurate number; all of this is for nothing if I can’t actually hear your opinion. 

Sadly, there were five votes that were spoiled by over-voting and unfortunately in the end I decided not to count them. (I did look them over all the same, and in the overall results they did not affect anything) 

So here is the final count of your ‘Hamburg Album’ votes: 

As promised, I will record the 8 songs from the 19 demos that gathered the most votes. With these top choices decided, I have also made two votes of my own. 

So, after all these months of writing and recording, listening and shaping and feeling, and now with the official song vote done, I’m HYPER proud to officially announce the final track list of the ‘Hamburg Album’!! 

The album’s final name will be decided in the coming weeks, as we wind our way through the studio and on towards the final production, and the album’s release on May 1st. 

Thank you always for being involved in my career, and investing the time, the passion, the energy and the money to help me get ahead. 

Tomorrow, I go into the studio to begin recording the ‘bed tracks’ for the new album, and start to build this exciting new ‘Hamburg Album’ for you. 

Alles gute, all the best to you and your loved ones and stay tuned for more updates as the album process rolls on!

Truly, Morgan