Happy Holidays!

dear friends and MF Inner Circlers,

It’s been a triumphant year of life! And I hope that as you sit back in the couch right now, with your favorite drink in one hand and your phone in the other, and you read these words you are feeling relaxed and peaceful.

To those of us having a difficult holiday season, I dedicate this message to you and wish you courage and good people within reach.

Let the light shine through... Merry Christmas! from Morgan


Greetings my friends,

...and Happy Sunday, from an icy west coast of Canada, across the nation and back out to the highways and stages of Europe. I wish you the very best of the ongoing autumn, and raise my glühwein to you and a relaxing holiday season coming up!


It’s already been over a week since I returned from the very fun-- and very speedy!-- Landmark Tour. From Bonn to Berlin, Wolfenbüttel all the way to Wiener Neustadt, I had an amazing time on the road playing for lovely listeners in great rooms, one after the other.


I want to thank each and every one of you, who came out to hear me play and tell my stories; picked up an album, and brought my songs home. It was my honour to be there with you and I’m already looking forward to seeing you out there again in 2015!


I’d also like to shout out right now to my road compadres Christoph Schellhorn and Mathew James White; gentlemen, it was a great pleasure to roll with you and light up these stages. Can't wait for the next!


So now, to honour all the great moments from the road, I’ve put together a brand new *99 Shots* gallery of my favorites from the Landmark Tour; three weeks of electric and soulful musical situations!.. and some of the points in between, that made this tour so special.


My many thanks to the following people who took pictures and video and audio, throughout the tour, whose pictures are featured in the *99 Shots* gallery:


Anne Köhler

Christina Werner

Flo Göttler

Frederik Eisenbeiser

Kirsten Ewald

Kirsten in Reichenbach

Lara Dittrich

Manuel Lippert

Martina Dreher

Markus Dörfler

Micha Reich

Onkel Kaktus


Ruben Bruder

Thomas Schneibel

Torsten Rudolph

Udo Eisenbeiser

Uwe Kind


Still more hyper-cool pictures were taken by Markus Dörfler, Susanne Dinhobl and Birgit Fass for my upcoming ‘Best of MF’ release with Christoph Schellhorn; watch for updates on this and much more as we break on into 2015!


So sit back and plug in with us, and the *99 Shots* of the Landmark Tour photo gallery; and THANK YOU once again for support, and for a brilliant tour.


alles very gute! from Morgan



MFCS rings through Franz Kaspar's KF Acoustics!

Word up my friends, from Wiener Neustadt, where the brother Christoph Schellhorn and I are in the thick of recording our 'best of MF' album, with local studio legend Franz Kaspar. How GOLDEN these songs sound! Coming together like a dream. (And of course, with the help of the Schnitzelhaus, Puntigamer and some very strong coffee) Coming to your hard drive in April 2015!
Of course all this comes on the heels of a *dreamy* Landmark Tour... night after night, after night of warmth and sharing and togetherness along the roads of Deutschland, the Czech Republic and into Austria. It all went by so fast! And already we will soon be posting updates about the spring tour, rolling through three countries; keep it locked for some exciting concert announcements! Meanwhile, here's a little YouTube video of Christoph and I, and Stefan Nobis freaking out on my newest song, 'Let Me Down Gently', in Adorf; video by Micha Reich. Viel spass! 


LANDMARK TOUR 24.10-15.11



Fault Lines

by Morgan FInlay

Morgan Finlay's brand new album sees a country vibe cross with his already very personal folk style, resulting in his most uplifting release to date.
  1. 1 Buy [Info] The Everything About Me 03:48
  2. 2 Buy [Info] Blow By Blow 03:10
  3. 3 Buy [Info] The Fisherman's Son 03:04
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Fault Lines 02:43
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Take This With You 00:43
  6. 6 Buy [Info] Stations 03:50
  7. 7 Buy [Info] The Hard Way 03:35
  8. 8 Buy [Info] Stand Here Alone 02:15
  9. 9 Buy [Info] Lover CTDHL 02:47
  10. 10 Buy [Info] How Would I Know 03:21
  11. 11 Buy [Info] All Of Me Key 03:30
  12. 12 Buy [Info] Your Quiet Place 02:41
  13. 13 Buy [Info] When This Long Road Ends 02:36

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99 SHOTS - Fault Lines Tour


Best of the Fault Lines Tour 2013