MFCS rings through Franz Kaspar's KF Acoustics!

Word up my friends, from Wiener Neustadt, where the brother Christoph Schellhorn and I are in the thick of recording our 'best of MF' album, with local studio legend Franz Kaspar. How GOLDEN these songs sound! Coming together like a dream. (And of course, with the help of the Schnitzelhaus, Puntigamer and some very strong coffee) Coming to your hard drive in April 2015!
Of course all this comes on the heels of a *dreamy* Landmark Tour... night after night, after night of warmth and sharing and togetherness along the roads of Deutschland, the Czech Republic and into Austria. It all went by so fast! And already we will soon be posting updates about the spring tour, rolling through three countries; keep it locked for some exciting concert announcements! Meanwhile, here's a little YouTube video of Christoph and I, and Stefan Nobis freaking out on my newest song, 'Let Me Down Gently', in Adorf; video by Micha Reich. Viel spass! 


foto Torsten Rudolph
Mid-point on the Landmark Tour; Prague!

Rumbling on along these beautiful roads of Deutschland, time has flown by and we've somehow arrived at the midway point of the Landmark Tour. Show on show, kilometer after kilometer, room after blessed room has been full of warm souls, listeners and friends. Four shows in now with the mighty Christoph Schellhorn and we are fully warmed up for the MFCS sessions that will kick off in Wiener Neustadt on November 16th... recording the 'best of MF featuring CS'! Our duo cruised into Prague on a high and we had an unforgettable time. Now-- on to the final stretch of the tour, through the East due North to Berlin and beyond, all the way down to Austria for the closing night. You can keep up to the moment on Facebook right here. WAY inspired!!  

foto: Manuel Lippert
The Landmark Tour kicks off in Bonn!!

An amazing start to the Landmark Tour, last night in Bonn... One million thanks to all the people who came down to celebrate the start of my ninth European tour with me! Onwards we go south, north, east to west along the most exciting roads I know. Stay further tuned with posts to my Facebook page here!

Yessss... out on the road again!!

Greetings from Mainz my friends... I made it overseas just fine (thank you BA!) and now I am charging batteries and doing some pre-tour einkaufs with Sven & Sabrina in this lovely little river town.

All lies ahead and I am so excited to be back in Germany... and soon my beautiful friend Austria. The only thing that is some sad is to be so close to my beloved Switzerland, and not visiting-- this *definitely* feels wrong. But I promise to right that soon! exciting details to come...

Tomorrow, a blast up to Herne and on to Köln for the night, before Friday night at the Mausefalle in Bonn to launch the Landmark Tour on Georg's oberhammer stage. I am so THRILLED to be out again and I can not wait to play for you and connect again!!.. please do check out the Landmark Tour schedule here for the date closest to you.

Meanwhile, feel free to say hello on Facebook or Twitter or join our Inner Circle email list... there's always a story to tell.

So until the next; be well, and thank you for reading and keeping connected!

liebe gruss from Morgan  


** Final dates for The Landmark Tour! **

at the Mausefalle, in Bonn (Germany)

25.10 at an exclusive MF IndieGoGo house concert, in Untereisesheim (Germany)

26.10 at an MF Inner Circle Studio show, in Wuppertal (Germany)

28.10 at an exclusive MF IndieGogo house concert, in Schwerin (Germany)

29.10 with Mathew James White at the Raucherkate Wattenbek, in Wattenbek (Germany)

30.10 with Mathew James White for the ISSFO at Cafe Instinkt, in Sankt Peter-Ording (Germany)

31.10 with Christoph Schellhorn at Suedpunkt, in Nurnberg (Germany)

1.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Scala, in Adorf (Germany)

2.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Laden 16, in Reichenbach (Germany)

3.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Chapeau Rouge, in Prague (Czech Republic)

5.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturhof, in Zickra (Germany)

6.11 at Dachboden, in Chemnitz (Germany)

7.11 at a private loft show, in Leipzig (Germany)

8.11 at Erreichbar, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

9.11 at an afternoon living room concert, in Berlin/Kreuzberg (Germany)

11.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Herzog Heinrich, in Wolfenbuettel (Germany)

13.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Strohalm, in Erlangen (Germany)

14.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the Kulturschranne, in Dachau (Germany)

15.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at Mary's Coffee Pub, in Wiener Neustadt (Austria)

16.11 with Christoph Schellhorn at the New Backstage, in Bad Fischau (Austria)




LANDMARK TOUR 24.10-15.11



Fault Lines

by Morgan FInlay

Morgan Finlay's brand new album sees a country vibe cross with his already very personal folk style, resulting in his most uplifting release to date.
  1. 1 Buy [Info] The Everything About Me 03:48
  2. 2 Buy [Info] Blow By Blow 03:10
  3. 3 Buy [Info] The Fisherman's Son 03:04
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Fault Lines 02:43
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Take This With You 00:43
  6. 6 Buy [Info] Stations 03:50
  7. 7 Buy [Info] The Hard Way 03:35
  8. 8 Buy [Info] Stand Here Alone 02:15
  9. 9 Buy [Info] Lover CTDHL 02:47
  10. 10 Buy [Info] How Would I Know 03:21
  11. 11 Buy [Info] All Of Me Key 03:30
  12. 12 Buy [Info] Your Quiet Place 02:41
  13. 13 Buy [Info] When This Long Road Ends 02:36

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  • Best store name ever. That alone makes me want to buy some hardware. #zgonc #wienerneustadt #mfcs #morganfinlay #landmarktour
    Best store name ever. That alone makes me want to buy some hardware. #zgonc #wienerneustadt #mfcs #morganfinlay #landmarktour
  • My delight. Good morning Deutschland. Hann Münden. #ichliebedeutschland #hannmunden #landmarktour #morganfinlay #mfcs #seasons #colours #love
    My delight. Good morning Deutschland. Hann Münden. #ichliebedeutschland #hannmunden #landmarktour #morganfinlay #mfcs #seasons #colours #love
  • Taken away. Prague in the sunshine. #prague #czechsun #mfcs #morganfinlay #summerdays #landmarktour #christophschellhorn
    Taken away. Prague in the sunshine. #prague #czechsun #mfcs #morganfinlay #summerdays #landmarktour #christophschellhorn
  • Road to Prague. #mfcs #christophschellhorn #morganfinlay #landmarktour #chemnitz #prague #letsgetgone
    Road to Prague. #mfcs #christophschellhorn #morganfinlay #landmarktour #chemnitz #prague #letsgetgone
  • Like none other. Marko. #savetheembers #nurnberg #landmarktour #morganfinlay #deutschland #hasitreallybeentenyears
    Like none other. Marko. #savetheembers #nurnberg #landmarktour #morganfinlay #deutschland #hasitreallybeentenyears
  • Together. Hamburg. #us #landmarktour #hamburg #togetheragain #morganfinlay
    Together. Hamburg. #us #landmarktour #hamburg #togetheragain #morganfinlay


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